‘World’s Most Jealous Woman’ Forced Husband To Take Lie Detector Test Every Time He Came Home

It’s common for most of us to experience a twinge of jealousy from time to time.

Whether it’s feeling a bit left out when someone else gets praised at work, or noticing your partner receiving attention on a night out, jealousy is an emotion that none of us enjoy feeling.

Yet, for one woman, her jealousy is more than just a fleeting feeling.

During a 2013 episode of ITV’s This Morning, Debbi Wood and her husband Steve discussed their unique relationship dynamics with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

Debbi, who has been married twice before and has been labeled the ‘world’s most jealous woman,’ confessed that she purchased a lie detector test after a comment from Steve.

Steve mentioned in passing that he wasn’t up to anything suspicious and jokingly said he’d “even take a lie detector test to prove it,” which sparked the idea for Debbi.

But what led to such extreme measures of jealousy and mistrust in the first place?

Initially, when Debbi and Steve started dating, they were living at a distance from each other and hadn’t defined their relationship.

It was during this uncertain time that Steve saw someone else.

After they committed to each other, Debbi felt “resentful towards [Steve] for the slight deception,” which fueled her intense jealousy, eventually leading her to require lie detector tests upon Steve’s return home, in addition to monitoring his bank and phone records.

She rationalized her actions by saying, “Well, when you’ve got a good man, you’re not going to let him go, are you?”

In a follow-up interview with This Morning the next year, Steve shared that they now use the tests far less frequently, saying it happens “as many times in a month as [they] would in a week” or “even less than that,” practically “once in a blue moon.”

Yet, the lie detector tests aren’t the only rule in their relationship.

Debbi also limits what Steve can watch on television, sharing with the Mail that an advert featuring a women’s razor once triggered her anxiety, leading her to prohibit him from watching any shows with women in them.


She acknowledged on This Morning that while it’s natural for men to appreciate beauty, she struggles when she perceives that admiration as sexual fantasizing about another woman.

Schofield pointed out a moment earlier in the interview when Debbi complimented his looks, questioning why she can do so but Steve cannot. Steve joined in the light-hearted moment by also complimenting the host.

Debbi’s intense jealousy has a deeper explanation.

Beyond experiencing “previous traumatic relationships,” Debbi has been diagnosed with a recognized medical condition known as ‘Othello Syndrome.’

This syndrome is described as a “psychotic disorder characterized by delusion of infidelity or jealousy; it often occurs in the context of medical, psychiatric, or neurological disorders,” according to the National Library of Medicine.

Navigating this condition is challenging for both Steve and Debbi, but Steve emphasized the positive aspects of their relationship, stating:

“When we’re not arguing about this, our relationship is absolutely amazing. I make her laugh in ways she’s never laughed before. She makes me laugh in ways I’ve never laughed before.”

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