Woman wakes up to find stray dog sitting on her porch, helps him find a new home

Walker made himself at home on Amy’s porch, relaxing on her patio furniture and refusing to leave. So she cared for the dog and made it her mission to find him a home ❤️

Sometimes animals come into our lives in surprising ways. Many people have discovered stray cats or dogs, looking for love and a home of their own, asking them for help.

That was the case for one woman, who discovered a dog making himself at home on her porch, and made it her mission to find him a great new home.

Amy Haden got an unexpected surprise early one morning when her daughter told her that there was a dog on their back porch. At first, Amy didn’t think anything of this, because the family has two dogs of their own.

But she soon discovered the dog wasn’t one she had ever seen before — and the dog was happily making himself comfortable on her patio furniture.

“It’s like he had taken up residence,” Amy told Good Morning America, recalling the moment she found the dog waiting on a chair. “He completely made himself at home on the cushions, and he just never left.”

The dog was clearly comfortable where he was: day after day, the family found the dog still in the same place, refusing to move.

It was clear the dog needed a little help, so Amy began caring for the dog, and also began searching for his family, reaching out to the community and putting posts on Facebook.

While other neighbors had seen him around town, no one claimed him, and he did not have a microchip. “No clue where he came from, where he had been or what he was called,” Amy said.

The dog became known as Walker (Amy said she let TikTok name him) and Amy’s family continued to care for him over the next few months.

However, they realized they weren’t the right “forever family” for Walker. Amy had two dogs of her own, and they didn’t get along with the new arrival. So instead, she started looking for a permanent home for Walker.

Thankfully, Amy soon found the perfect new owner for Walker, a “little old lady” who had been praying for a new dog.

“She was super sweet,” Amy told GMA. “She told us that she had been praying for a dog like him and that we were the answer to her prayers.”

This sweet dog definitely picked the right porch to cozy up on. Thanks to this kind family, Walker now finally has a loving home of his own.

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