Woman delivers pizza to rusty trailer: Opens the door and makes a shocking discovery

Sometimes, people come into our lives and we don’t understand how much they mean to us until much later.

For a man named Lee Haase, Angela Nguyen was one of those people.

Angela works at Domino’s and has delivered thousands of pizzas over the years. She has a lot of regular customers and among them is Lee.

Like clockwork, Lee ordered pizza every Saturday, and Angela always delivered it.

But then one Saturday, the orders stopped.

Angela was concerned and went out to his house to find out why.


When Angela arrived, she immediately saw the damage. A powerful storm had ripped off most of the roof from Lee’s house.

After the storm, Lee couldn’t afford to have his house fixed. And making things even worse, his son had been killed in a snowmobile accident around that time, too.

Depressed and broke, Lee moved into a small trailer.

Refused to stand by and do nothing

Angela’s daughter Sarah, who is also a pizza delivery person, noticed found out where Lee was living. She explained to her mother how bad his situation was.

Lee’s trailer didn’t have heat, water, a sewage outlet or electricity.


Angela’s heart went out to Lee. But she didn’t just feel sorry for him — she decided to do something for him.

“I thought we gotta do something. We can’t let a human being live like this,” Angela explains.

Everything started with one simple action. Angela bought a heater for Lee’s trailer. It was the first step in making his life a little easier.

Then, Angela started a crowdfunding campaign. The donations poured in as more and more people heard Lee’s heartbreaking story.

In just two months, the campaign brought in $32,360. It was enough to buy Lee a new mobile home!

Angela says she couldn’t have done it without help and support from the local community and a lot of generous strangers.

Life-changing kindness

“Every single one of us enjoyed doing this. This ain’t all for Lee. We all benefited,” Angela says.

Angela came into Lee’s life at the right time and her kind heart was just what he needed.

She paved the way for Lee to get his life back, something he’ll be forever grateful for.


In a world where wars, natural disasters and other horrors are commonplace, I’m heartened when I read stories like this.

It just goes to show you how much good we have in us. We just have to realize that and use our resources to help others in need.

Angela is a brilliant example of how we can help people who aren’t as fortunate as us get out of a vicious circle.

Please share this article so that more people are inspired to help others in need!

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