The Worst Wheel Of Fortune Mistake

The Wheel of Fortune has been an iconic show on TV for many years, entertaining audiences with thrilling moments and surprising victories. However, with the highs come the lows, and there have been some truly embarrassing mistakes made by contestants. Whether you would hide your face in shame or laugh along, these blunders have provided plenty of entertainment for the viewers.

One of the most memorable blunders in the show’s history happened recently when contestant Matt made a truly cringe-worthy mistake. Despite this, Matt managed to win the game and took home a substantial prize of $23,350. So, while he may not feel too bad about his blunder, it certainly overshadowed his overall performance in that episode.

During the round in question, the contestants were competing to solve a word puzzle in the “people” category. The puzzle had three words, and Matt’s turn came up. He asked if the letter “N” was present in the phrase, and to his relief, it was. The puzzle looked like this: TH_ – N_

But Matt is not alone in making embarrassing mistakes on Wheel of Fortune. Throughout the show’s history, there have been numerous memorable fails. One contestant in 2017, named Kevin, had to fill in the blank for just one letter in the name of a play: “A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE.” Instead of choosing a more logical consonant, he went with “K” and made the word “Naked.” Needless to say, the correct answer was “A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE.”

In 2009, another contestant named Lolita McAuley had a hilarious misstep during a speed round. The category was “Thing,” and the puzzle appeared as S_LF-PO_T_ _T. McAuley buzzed in and confidently answered, “SELF-POTATO.” Once again, a confusing but amusing response. The correct answer was “SELF-PORTRAIT.”

With this information, Matt attempted to guess the whole phrase but ended up with an answer that didn’t contain a single “N.” He confidently said, “The Best Buttercut,” which left everyone confused and amused. Of course, the correct answer was “THE NEXT GENERATION.” You can watch this hilarious blunder

In 2014, Julian, a student from the University of Indiana, was on the verge of winning $1 million after a series of lucky spins. However, he made several pronunciation errors that cost him the big prize. He mispronounced the phrase “mythological hero Achilles” as “AY-chill-es” instead of “AH-kil-ies.” Then, when faced with the word puzzle “WORLD’S FASTEST A,” he chose the letter “c” instead of “MAN” as the final word. Lastly, during the “things” section, he guessed “On-the-spot dicespin” instead of “On-the-spot decision,” making a major fumble.

So, considering these memorable blunders, do you think Matt’s mistake was as bad as these ones? Let us know in the comments!

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