The HUGE Error in Dances with Wolves That You Didn’t Notice

In the big world of classic Hollywood movies, “Dances with Wolves” has always been a favorite. People love it for its beautiful scenery and gripping story. But did you know that there are some big mistakes in the movie that nobody noticed before? THE VIDEO IS BELOW:

Let’s take a closer look at this famous Western and discover the blunders that slipped past even the most careful viewers. From accidents behind the scenes to historical inaccuracies, get ready for some surprising revelations that might change how you see “Dances with Wolves.”

Behind the Scenes Drama: Making “Dances with Wolves” was a big deal, but it came with some serious challenges. One guy who tried out for a part ended up working as a medic because of all the injuries. He even had to patch up Kevin Costner after a wrestling scene gone wrong. And Costner wasn’t the only one hurt – even the cinematographer’s daughter broke her wrists when her horse got spooked.

Epic Filming Hurdles: You might think making movies is easy, but not “Dances with Wolves.” They had to film all over the place, dealing with tons of buffalo, horses, and unpredictable weather. It was a logistical nightmare, filming for over 100 days in places like South Dakota and Wyoming.

Mismatched Audio and Video: Ever notice when someone’s mouth doesn’t match their words in a movie? That happens in “Dances with Wolves” too. Sometimes, what they say and what you see don’t line up quite right, which can be a little distracting.

The Big Buffalo Hunt: That famous buffalo hunt scene? It wasn’t easy to film. It took eight days, lots of wranglers, and even helicopters to capture it. Plus, they had to use tricks like using Oreos to get the buffalo to do what they wanted. And get this – they spent a quarter of a million dollars on a fake buffalo for one scene!

Misquoted Lines: You might remember some famous quotes from the movie, but did you know they got some of them wrong? Like, “I am Wind in His Hair” – that was actually said by Smiles a Lot, not Wind in His Hair. It just goes to show, you can’t always trust what you hear in the movies.

Dealing with Wolves: Those wolves in the movie weren’t as friendly as they looked. One of the trainers even got bitten! Kevin Costner had to step in to finish the scene, tossing meat to the wolf to keep it calm. It’s a good reminder that working with wild animals can be dangerous.

Historical Mix-Ups: There are a lot of little mistakes in “Dances with Wolves” that you might not notice unless you’re really paying attention. Like, they show a tin can in one scene, but those weren’t common back then. And they didn’t always get the details right – like, most Sioux didn’t use saddles, but the actors did because they felt safer.

Nature’s Tricks: They had to do some fancy footwork to make everything look right in the movie. Like, they had to bring in truckloads of water every day to keep a pond full, even though there was a drought. And some scenes that got cut from the movie explain things that aren’t clear, like why a fort was abandoned.

Little Mistakes: There are a bunch of little things in the movie that might not seem important, but they can still bug you if you notice them. Like, sometimes the characters’ clothes change from one shot to the next, or you can see the crew in the background.

So, next time you watch “Dances with Wolves,” keep an eye out for these mistakes. Even though it’s a classic, it’s not perfect – just like the rest of us!

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