She Lost Her Way, Overheard Dad’s Engine & Bolts Toward Him Shedding Tears

We keep repeating the phrase “our dogs are our family,” and we mean it. If our dog vanishes, a portion of our heart goes with him or her. It’s a terrible case that we hope never happens. Unfortunately, it does happen. Xian-Mao was in attendance with her father at the market one day when she vanished.

Xian-Mao knows she’s in good hands and stays by her owner’s side without a leash. However, one day while on one of their many excursions, someone set off fireworks nearby, frightening Xian-Mao. Xian-Mao took off like a lightning bolt, racing at breakneck speed in the opposite direction of the loud blast.

Image/Story Source Credit: M13 Channel via YouTube Video

Xian-Mao’s father was devastated. He searched everywhere for his beloved dog but couldn’t find her. Xian-Mao is familiar with her neighborhood, but when she became concerned, she continued to run and ended up somewhere she didn’t recognize, and she was unable to find her way home.

Xian-Mao went to her owner’s friend’s house after six painful days. Because Xian-Mao frequently visited this home with her father, she was quickly able to recognize it. Knowing that Xian-Mao had been lost, the alert gentleman who owned her was on high alert. They contacted Xian-Mao’s father as soon as possible, and he came as soon as he could!

Image/Story Source Credit: M13 Channel via YouTube Video

The little dog finally sees her dad and it’s like a real child seeing their parent after being separated for ages. Xian-Mao cries! The way she carries on is proof of her love for her human (aka: daddy).

Image/Story Source Credit: M13 Channel via YouTube Video

We are ecstatic to hear that Xian-Mao and her father have reunited, but please, keep your dogs on a leash no matter how well they behave. We don’t want this to happen to you.

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