Keith Urban returns home for prostate cancer

Keith Urban, a musician hailing from Australia, has garnered immense popularity among fans. The tale of how he began his relationship with his current spouse, Nicole Kidman, bears a striking resemblance to a captivating fairytale.

Kidman revealed in a 2007 interview with Vanity Fair that she was actually engaged to someone else when she met Urban in 2005 at a “G-Day LA” event. Surprisingly, just three months later, they were engaged to each other.

We were initially strongly attracted to each other, so we got engaged after three months and then quickly got married. However, we didn’t truly know each other until after we were married, as stated by the actress, according to Metro.

“I think meeting at a certain age makes a difference. And I trust my gut instinct. From the first minute I met him, there was a feeling of, Ahhh OK, somehow I’ve met home. And he had the same feeling. That was all we had but that was the essence of what we worked from.”

The couple are parents to two beautiful daughters.

Robert, Urban’s father, played a vital role in shaping Urban’s life. Unfortunately, he lost his life after fighting prostate cancer.

Urban attended the It’s A Bloke Thing luncheon in Toowoomba in 2018 as a way to honor his father and bring attention to the cause. Unfortunately, when he was seen by the paparazzi at Sidney airport and the pictures were released, his supporters became concerned that he might be affected by the illness.

He, however, was there to perform at the Prostate Cancer Awareness/Fundraiser.

Unfortunately, Urban’s uncles and other family members were also affected by prostate cancer. This is why he holds prostate cancer awareness very dear to his heart.

Urban volunteered to entertain at no cost, supporting the lunchtime charity event and aiding in reaching a new milestone of $2,024,000.

Keith Urban’s exceptional musical talent, along with his remarkable qualities as a loving spouse and father, demonstrates that he possesses a heart of pure gold.

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