If you notice someone wearing these shoes, pause and take a look around you.

Sometimes we focus too much on our own problems and how complicated our lives are, that we forget there are others who have much tougher challenges than us.

Most people you meet are dealing with their own problems, some you might know about, while others keep it to themselves. That’s why it’s crucial to always be kind and treat everyone with respect.

It’s really important to me to treat people with disabilities with kindness and respect. They don’t need special treatment or pity, but they often inspire others with their strength. So, it’s essential to treat them with admiration and respect.

Of course, one way to show respect is by learning about the difficulties people with disabilities face. For instance, let’s consider those who are visually impaired…

Losing my sight would greatly affect my life. Our eyes help us understand the world around us; without them, we’d lose a sense we’ve relied on since birth.

But there are people who have really poor eyesight, and some who can’t see at all.

For anyone with vision problems, getting around becomes much more difficult. That’s why an Australian company called Tec-Innovation has come up with a new invention to help.

According to reports, they made a pair of shoes called InnoMake. These shoes have special technology to help people avoid obstacles they can’t see. The shoes have sensors inside that vibrate or make noise when they detect something in the way, similar to how cars beep when they’re about to hit something.

Their YouTube video says the shoes have slots for the sensors, and after charging for three hours, they last up to a week.

Moreover, the shoes can connect to a smartphone. This lets the user change settings, like how they want to be alerted or the closest distance the sensors can detect obstacles.



Have you ever spotted someone wearing shoes like these? Did you understand what they’re for? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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