Grandpa Hilarious Telemarketer Deterrent Goes Viral

Donald Sizemore, an 87-year-old with a unique talent, has found a creative way to handle pesky telemarketers. Armed with his perfected Donald Duck voice, honed over seven decades, Donald uses his skill to counter the annoyance of unwanted calls. Inside Edition recently featured Donald’s antics, captured by his amused wife Gayle, showcasing his humorous approach to thwarting telemarketers.

In the clip, Donald amusingly engages a telemarketer with his spot-on Donald Duck impression, leaving the caller bewildered and ultimately prompting a swift hang-up. The video gained traction on YouTube, sparking thousands of comments from entertained viewers.

Many praised Donald’s professionalism, noting his seamless delivery without breaking character. Some even suggested he could pass as the real Donald Duck in a Disney film. Others shared their own tactics for handling unwanted calls, inspired by Donald’s ingenuity.

The heartwarming dynamic between Donald and Gayle also garnered attention, with viewers admiring their evident love and support for each other.

Overall, Donald’s hilarious approach to handling telemarketers has captured the hearts of many, showcasing his comedic talent and bringing joy to audiences worldwide.

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