Daughter Stumbles Across Old Journal At Mom’s House: “Reading These As An Adult Healed My Inner Child.”

A popular social media creator named Avery is showing the world a journal filled with letters from her mom, and it has millions of people in tears.

Avery posted a slideshow of journal entries recently, but they weren’t just your typical personal musings. Instead, they were back-and-forth letters between her and her mom. Like many people, Avery went through some tough years as a teen. She didn’t know how to verbalize her emotions, so her mom got the journal to help.


“Finding the journal my mom and I used to communicate with when I started to struggle with getting my feelings out verbally and realizing just how incredible she did as a single parent,” she wrote.

As she mentioned above, her mom was alone when she raised Avery and her sister, Dani. So the extra love and attention still mean everything to her.

The letters show how Avery navigated through new feelings as she moved from being a girl to a woman. In one letter, Avery worried that she wasn’t being kind enough to her sister, and her mom offered wise advice on getting along. In another, her mom explained how to deal with a school bully. Other letters were simply written to show love.

Letter from daughter

The letters prove an undeniable bond and respect between Avery and her mom.

In just over two weeks, the post had already earned 6.6 million views—and it was Avery’s first TikTok post. It also has nearly 13,000 comments from followers who are touched by her mother’s incredible gifts in parenting.

Letter from mom

You can read through a selection of the notes here.

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