Cop Breast-Feeds Starving Baby After Hurricane Otis And Then Is Promoted

When you are a police officer, you never quite know what you are going to get into from one day to the next. Things may be going along perfectly normally one day and then suddenly, you are in a strange situation you couldn’t imagine.

Arizbeth Ambrosio is a police officer who understands the need to help out when she is in the line of duty. She was helping with relief efforts after the area in Acapulco was devastated by Hurricane Otis. She was from Mexico City, but she was sent out Acapulco.

Suddenly, a hysterical mother approached the police officer on the street with a baby in her arms. She said that her son had not been able to eat in 48 hours and she just couldn’t find any food for the baby.

Ambrosio is also a mother and she offered to breast-feed the child and sat on the steps at a local business to do so.

According to Mexico City’s Secretariat of Citizen Security: “After a few minutes and seeing that the minor was satisfied, the citizen thanked the policewoman for her support and kindness.”

The overseer for the Secretariat of Citizen Security also spoke on the situation, saying: “For her vocation of service to the citizens and for raising the name of Policía Ciudad de México, my colleague Arizbeth Dionisio Ambrosio from the #Zorros Group, who protected the life of a baby in #Acapulco, was promoted. Her work is an example of #humanism for all.”

People from around the world who have seen what she was willing to do could not say enough about the special moment. They were also thrilled because she was able to get a promotion, and it was a promotion that was well deserved.

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