5 Ways to Tell if an Egg is Fresh or Rotten

Uncertain about egg freshness when cooking? Here are some simple tips to assess freshness and cut down on egg-related food waste. Supermarket eggs are labeled with a use-by date, and in France, eggs can’t be sold seven days before this date. Eggs from a henhouse stay fresh for up to 28 days after being laid.

Refrigerated eggs, even with intact shells, are safe for consumption for up to one month past the use-by date, equating to 58 days post-laying. Proper storage practices help maintain freshness and minimize waste. Expired eggs may emit an off-putting odor. A bad smell indicates loss of vitamins and an altered taste. If it smells normal, consider using it quickly, such as in an omelet.

Inspecting the shell and egg color is essential for detecting spoilage. Powdery or cracked shells may suggest the presence of mold. Unusual colors in the egg white or yolk, like blue or green, are indicators of spoilage. By adopting proper storage techniques and remaining vigilant, you can prevent egg waste while ensuring your meals remain fresh and safe.

Remember, proper storage in the refrigerator is crucial for maintaining egg freshness and reducing health risks. By adhering to these simple guidelines, you can confidently use eggs in your recipes, knowing they are safe and fresh.

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