4 fifth graders dress up like babies, now watch how they look up and get the whole auditorium to die of laughter

Who remembers going to school?

If you’re anywhere near my age, it might be so long ago that you struggle to remember.

But I sure do remember.

I remember sitting in class, through lunch breaks and P.E, but most vividly I remember all the different special events such as talent shows.

Boy were they fun and I wanted so badly to participate but was too shy.

The idea of standing on a stage in front of the entire school really intimidated me. But I was always so impressed by the contestants — especially the younger ones who were in the lower grades.

Talk about guts!

If my memory serves me right, talent shows consisted of students either singing, playing an instrument or dancing — that was pretty much it.

Apart from showcasing their talent, talent shows were also a great way of impressing their schoolmates and getting attention.

I think these four 10-year-old boys from the New Braunfels Christian Academy definitely succeeded in doing just that when they participated in the school’s annual talent show, Jesus Daily reports.

The four boys had really put time and effort in preparing for their performance and were really psyched to see if their schoolmates would like it.

At the beginning of their performance, all that’s seen is a large black sheet that’s moving.

But once the sheet is pulled away, there is not a single person in the audience who’s not laughing.

Instead of opting for a more traditional talent show performance by singing a song or playing an instrument, these boys came up with a hilarious, unique and brilliant performance where they come out as babies dressed in onesies and bibs looking almost like puppets.

And the minute the music starts, it just blows your mind. These guys are really good.

Everything from the choreography down to the props are on point. You wont forget this performance!

Take a look below and you’ll understand what I mean. My favorite part of the performance starts at 1:50 min into the video.

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