10 Of The Biggest Weight Loss Transformations Of All Time

A lot of people credit weight gain and obesity to lack of willpower. That’s just far too simplistic explanation. Some of the biggest weight loss transformations of all time will shed a proof on that.

That’s also not entirely true. Weight gain is largely a result of lifestyle and eating habits, but some people are at disadvantage when it comes to how they control what they eat.Overeating can be driven by genetics and hormones and some people are simply predisposed to gaining weight.Of course, this doesn’t mean that we can’t control ourselves. We can change our lifestyle and behavior with perseverance, dedication and willpower. If some people play on “easy” mode and lose weight easily, for some people it’s on level “intermediate” doing the same.But claiming that weight gain is JUST a lack of willpower is far too simplistic and untrue.

We’ve made an incredible compilation of the biggest weight loss transformations of all time. Let this serve as a proof that it can be done!

1. David Elmore Smith (lost 185kg)

(Before image: David Elmore Smith Facebook. After image: MSNBC Today Show)

David was on the brink of giving up his life. He was called the “650 pound virgin“.

His health and relationships went down spiral when his weight gain went out of control. But thanks to the amazing trainer Chris Powell, David was able to apply baby steps daily, by simply just walking around the house and focusing on one day without cheat meals. Day by day he succeeded at shedding over 100 kilograms!

Original weight: 294kg

Weight lost: 185kg

Percentage of body mass lost: 62%

2. Ronnie Brewer (lost 180kg)

Ronnie was the guy who used to struggle with his weight, until one day he decided: today it’s going to be the last day he felt like that. It took two years of hard work in the gym, diet restrictions and pumping iron on Taylor Swift songs to go from 306kg to lose a staggering 180kg + 16kg of skin that was cut away afterwards.

Original weight: 306kg

Weight lost: 180kg + 16kg of skin

Body mass percentage: 65 percent

3. Danny Cahill (lost 108kg)

(Before image: NBC. After image: NBC)

When Danny was accepted on season 8 of the American version of The Biggest Loser, his entire life was about to change.

He was always struggling with obesity, but his will to lose weight was worth it. Although he became the series winner, a new study focusing on Danny and his co-stars exposed that they all suffered severe metabolic damage.

Original Weight: 195kg

Weight lost: 108kg

Percentage of body mass lost: 55.8 percent


4. Brian Flemming (lost 165kg)

(Image: Runkeeper)

Brian Flemming used to weight about 300kg. That’s when his depression levels hit all time high. He was devouring more than 5k of calories with 0 physical activity. When his mother got one of her legs amputated, Brain decided it was enough. In the beginning of his journey as an exercise he started running on the spot before going outside. Fast forward with completely different attitude, Brian trimmed down more than 160kg.

Original Weight: 283kg

Weight lost: 165kg

Percentage of body mass lost: 58 percent

5. Mayra Rosales (lost 360kg)

(Image: ABC News/TLC)

Mayra’s journey of going from courtroom to courtroom to weight loss is almost hard to believe. At the peak of her weight she was about 470kg, almost half a ton! She was accused of killing her nephew by “falling on him”.

During the trial they called her the “half-ton killer“, but later evidence found that she had falsely confessed to save her sister who was the real perpetrator.

After the trial Rosales began with her stunning journey that included going through hell and back, as well as 11 different surgeries. She is now unrecognizable.

“I have lost over 800 pounds,” Rosales said. “I don’t even know how I survived that. It’s a miracle of God. I really was dying.”

Original Weight: 470kg

Weight lost: 360kg

Percentage of body mass lost: 80 percent

6. Bill Germanakos (lost 84kg)

Another weight struggle was present in Bill Germanakos’s life. Going from one struggle to another with his weight, along with the denial to ride in parks because of his obesity, teasing at work and doctors telling him that he would die early, Bill decided to completely change his life. After being accepted into The Biggest Loser TV franchise, Germanakos changed his life 180 degrees by becoming a spin class instructor to maintain his slim 85kg physique.

Original Weight: 163kg

Weight lost: 84kg

Percentage of body mass lost: 51.5 percent

7. Mike Hebranko (lost 321kg)

MIchael Hebranko was considered one of the fattest men in the world. Gaining over 400kg, Mike made a firm decision that his life has to be changed in an instant. Fitness guru Richard Simmons took Mike under his wing and help him lose 321kg. However, not all weight loss stories live happy ever after. After getting down to 90kg, Mike began to get back to the old habits, which lead him to death in New York by weighing 250kg.

The takeaway here is that we have to continue being the person that we were during the process. We can only imagine the tough journey Michael had with shedding all the weight, but If we get back to the old habits we will become the same person we were before we began. As they say “it’s hard to get rich, but it’s extremely hard to stay rich.” I guess the same thing applies to weight loss.

His journey will live on to inspire others to change their life.

Original Weight: 411kg

Weight lost:  321kg

Percentage of body mass lost: 78 percent

8. Paul Mason (lost 294kg)

Once dubbed as “the world’s fattest man“, Paul Mason from Ipswich, Suffolk struggled with obesity throughout his entire life. His eating disorder was tied to the pain of being bullied and sexually abused as a child.

In 2010 he went through gastric bypass surgery, and with the help of steady diet and exercise, he dropped almost 300kg over five years.

Original Weight: 444kg

Weight lost: 294kg

Percentage of body mass lost: 66 percent

9. Rosalie Bradford (lost 349 kg)

The staggering transformation of Rosalie Bradford, a Florida-born woman, didn’t include any help of going under the knife. After brining one child into the world, Rosalie couldn’t stop eating which led her to be bed tied. After weighing almost half a ton, Rosalie tried to take her own life, and to her luck she failed. By clapping along Richard Simmons tapes, she was able to lose a whooping 349kg, a number that was written in the Guinness World Record at the time.

Original Weight: 477kg

Weight lost: 349kg

Percentage of body mass lost: 73 percent


10. Manuel Uribe (lost 230kg)

Manuel Uribe’s was one of the largest men in history, weighing around 600kg (1,300 pounds). After moving to USA from Mexico, Uribe put on almost 300 kilos, which led him to be bed ridden in with severe health problems. After returning to his home in Mexico, Uribe made a decision, along with his government for help, to shed all the extra weight. He was able to lose hundreds of kilograms, but sadly he died in 2008 still weighing 394kg.

Original Weight: 597kg

Weight lost: 230kg

Percentage of body mass lost: 38 percent

Thanks to these people, we know have a proof that by changing our lifestyle and diet, we can have a completely different outlook on life, both in body and mind.

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