Susan Dey’s life after hit TV series “The Partridge Family” and her crush on colleague David Cassidy back in the day

Susan Dey rose to fame as Laurie Partridge in the 1970s hit TV series “The Partridge Family,” despite lacking acting experience. The show, featuring a singing family touring in a psychedelic bus, garnered immense popularity both in the U.S. and the U.K.

Dey’s co-star, David Cassidy, became a teen heartthrob during the show’s run. Interestingly, Dey herself harbored a crush on Cassidy, though they only began dating after the series ended. However, their relationship was short-lived, with Cassidy later citing Dey’s innocence as a reason for the breakup.

This revelation angered Dey, leading to a rift between the former co-stars. She refused to speak to Cassidy and declined to attend cast reunions. Despite this, Dey continued her acting career, earning multiple award nominations and winning a Golden Globe for her role in “LA Law.”

Dey also authored a book titled “Susan Dey’s Secrets on Boys, Beauty and Popularity.” Interestingly, she turned down the role of Sandy in “Grease,” while Olivia Newton John, who was offered the role of Laurie in “The Partridge Family,” was advised by her manager to decline.

Today, Dey enjoys a quiet life with her family in New York, away from the spotlight. However, her role in “The Partridge Family” continues to be remembered fondly, making her a cherished part of many people’s childhood memories.

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