It Was A Simple Police Lineup Until The Dog Stole The Show.

When you think of a police officer, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? If you’re similar to most people, you may have a pessimistic perception of their job and their daily tasks.

It’s okay to hold this perspective, as it is frequently influenced by the media. The media often portrays the police in a negative way because it attracts more attention as a story.

Police officers are actually present to safeguard and assist, and they can act as the initial aid provider in a highly advantageous manner. They can even provide amusement, if provided with the chance to do so.

That’s what we witness in the video below. It begins with police officers from two separate departments vying for the same parking spot. They engage in an argument, but eventually, they resolve to settle the dispute through a dance-off.


As the police officers start coming out into the parking lot, you realize there’s an amazing flash mob happening right in front of you. It might be a newer trend, but many of us can easily spot a flash mob.

The two sets of individuals begin to mix and the dancing commences. They sway to the rhythm and impressively entertain the audience.

As you glance to the right, you notice a police dog approaching. The dog seems curious, unsure about the dancing humans.

The impressive part is how the police dog remains in position without moving. It sits down initially, then stands up to observe everything closely.

The dog’s loyalty and obedience are the best parts of the show. I’m certain you’ll also appreciate this aspect.

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