Grandkids Surprise Grandmother By Publishing The Children’s Book She Wrote In 1972.

Prepare for some waterworks. These grandkids made their grandma’s dreams come true with their Christmas present: a children’s book!

In 1972, this grandma began writing a children’s book that she continued to work on for many years. However, she struggled to get it published, eventually shelving the hope of getting her story out there.

But these sweet grandkids made a plan. A plan to make her dreams come true!

grandma opens children's book
This image is from TikTok.

Her grandkids took her story and ideas and got the book designed. Then, once it was in great shape, they officially published it! Now it was just time to deliver the children’s book to their grandma!

At first, Grandma was sure she was being pranked. In fact, she had to double-check to make sure she wasn’t about to receive a “living, moving thing.”

Then, she settled in with her gift and quickly realized what it was. Overcome with emotion, it was truly a powerful moment to witness.

She was in complete shock and awe, clearly feeling deeply loved.

“The look she gave you felt like it sunk in that she was SEEN by her family,” noticed one commenter on the now-viral video. “You saw something she cared deeply about and by doing this she FELT SEEN.”

The children’s book has quickly made its way to the top of the Amazon book list and is available for worldwide purchase here.

What a powerful thing for a family member to make happen. This grandma had no idea her children’s book dream would be coming true this year. You never know where a miracle is going to come from!

Check out the emotional clip below. What an epic gift!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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