77-year-old grandma stands at ATM when 3 men appear: Seconds later, they realize they chose the wrong pensioner to rob

Winifred Peel, a 77-year-old senior, went to a cash machine one day to withdraw some money.

She was hiding her pin when she spotted someone approaching from behind her. Two males had thrown her off balance before she could react. Then a second guy came.

One of them approached Winifred and attempted to withdraw £200 from her account.

The guys were thieves, and if Winifred didn’t act soon, they would empty her bank account.

When one of the guys attempted to withdraw money, Winifred devised a strategy. She grabbed the man’s collar and banged his head against the ATM as hard as she could.

She managed to hit the man’s skull three times against the machine before the thieves fled, fleeing like dogs with their tails between their knees.

Winifred then called the police, and the perpetrators were apprehended later that day.

One of the reasons the police were able quickly recognise the guys was because one of them had suffered a head wound as a consequence of Winifred’s protective action. Piper Dumitru, Florin Gebelscu, and Felix Stoica were recognised. All three ultimately acknowledged their guilt in court and were sentenced to prison.

The thieves, claimed to the prosecution, drove to the area in search of easy prey.

They didn’t care about how this would affect her, Winifred claimed. She would say that this has changed her life; she will never have the confidence that she once had.

Because she had grown up with three boys and went to the gym four days a week, Winifred had a tenacity that the burglars had not anticipated.

Kudos to Winifred! I hope she taught those jerks a lesson.

Of course, no one should rob anybody, but three young guys preying on a 77-year-old grandmother? That is beyond shameless.

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